Every couple needs to escape once in a while.

If you want to do something really romantic, then sailing with us is the ultimate relationship indulgence.  This is the experience of a life time for couples.

It’s hard to explain how beautiful the sunsets are in Tonga. We’ll take you sailing around heavenly paradise Tonga, which is referred to as the “Jewel of The World”, truly stunning, exotic and romantic.

The water is crystal clear, full of tropical sea life and stunning reefs.  The water is warm and safe to swim in and as you look across the water to the islands they are covered in lush green.  There are endless beeches on different islands, it’s like you have escaped the world and landed in heaven.  The beauty is mesmerizing.

We will take you on a sailing adventure through paradise that will be so beautiful, enjoyable and romantic, it will cast a love spell.

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