Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is The Kingdom of Tonga?

    The Kingdom of Tonga is a tropical paradise located in heart of the South Pacific between Fiji and Samoa. It is composed of comprising of 176 coral and volcanic islands, only 36 of which are inhabited

  • What is the best time of year to visit?
    • Tonga is beautiful all year round.
    • Tonga enjoys a tropical climate.
    • Average temperatures in Tonga are 80 °F or 27 °C. The average sea temperatures are also are 80 °F or 27 °C
    • Humpback whales swim and give birth to their calf’s between July and November.
    • Tonga is one of only three counties in the world where you are allowed to legally swim with whales.
  • What is included in your holiday in paradise?
    • A holiday on Sv ALIZÉ II is all-inclusive with a professional captain and Hostess/chef.
    • Included are all meals aboard (organic fresh fruits, vegetables and eggs when available), snacks, wine, local beer and soft drinks, fuel for the vessel and tender, water sports activities, docking/berthing fees, personal amenities, some excursions, and transfers to and from the Vavaʻu airport.
    • Not included – Airfares, Travel insurance, transfers to and from ‎Nukuʻalofa airport, overnight stays at ‎Nukuʻalofa, crew gratuities, optional marina docking/berthing for an overnight stay, some excursions, and meals ashore, special requests for top-shelf liquor, wine or excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Can we bring children?

    ABSOLUTELY! A yacht vacation is great for families. Children have a blast snorkelling, running on the beach, playing with water toys and swimming. Just bare in mind that the crew cannot take responsibility for the welfare of the children and they will need to be supervised. We prefer children no younger than 7 yrs old to enjoy this experience, but we are always happy to discuss this with you.

  • When should I book?

    NOW! Sv ALIZE II is one of the most popular yachts in Polynesia. Try to book at least 6 months to 9 months before the date of your cruise. From time to time we have ‘last minute’ cancellations, so keep checking Sv ALIZE’s II availability. Do not forget your international flights, inter-island flights and hotels.

  • Can Special Dietry Requirements be met?

    We try to source local organic fresh fruits, vegetables and eggs. Sv ALIZE’s II chef can cater to most special diets, even if not everyone has special needs. It is not uncommon to have several special diets on one charter. If this is needed please let us know at booking.

  • What do I need to bring on charter?
    • First and foremost is a smile. The Polynesian people are the friendliest in the world. The most important items to remember are your travel documents and passports. Ensure that your passport is up to date and will not expire whilst on your vacation in paradise. Customs and Immigration need you to have return flight tickets booked after your wonderful stay in Tonga.
    • Remember that storage onboard yachts is limited. It is not easy to store large hard suitcases.
    • You will probably spend more time in your swimsuit, shorts and T-shirts with flip-flops. Shoes are not worn on the boat and being barefoot just adds to the island style feeling. A light sweater and cover-up are recommended if the nights get a little cooler. Hats or baseball caps help keep the sun off your face.
    • We recommend casual and comfortable attire on board, but something special for dinner ashore or a little dancing.
    • Please bring only non-spray sunscreen as it often stains towels and decks orange because of the ingredients. “Reef friendly” sunscreen is preferred, as it does not affect the ocean reefs. Sunglasses help with glare and good eye-care from the strong sun.
    • Motion sickness is not common on catamarans. If you are prone to motion sickness, bring wristbands, ear pads or Dramamine tablets.
    • Your camera should definitely be on your list. You will want to share your great memories later on social media or print the photos later to show everyone what a great vacation you had. If you have an underwater camera or video, bring that as well as you may just get to take a few stunning underwater photos of the beautiful creatures of the reef.
  • Is there air conditioning on board the yacht?

    Of course. Sv ALIZE II is fully air conditioned and equipped with an icemaker.

  • Can we fish?

    Yes. We have fishing rods and handlines on board (We do not recommend eating fish from the lagoon, Ciguatera is a type of food poisoning that can be found in some reef fish).

  • Can we practice diving from the boat?

    Currently, Sv ALIZE II is not equipped for scuba diving and we cannot take responsibility for this activity. However, we can arrange a local diving company to help you with your diving needs.

  • Can I be reached in an emergency?

    Sv ALIZÉ II has VHF radios and cell phones. Throughout your holiday, there will be intermittent internet and phone access. Please check your cell phone provider to see about roaming charges on your phone plan. We recommend that our guests purchase a local sim card. You are in paradise after all! Why would you want to take a phone call?

  • Should we tip the crew?

    The crew of Sv ALIZE II are on-call for you 24/7. If you have been satisfied with your crew’s service, please do not hesitate to reward them directly.

  • What safety equipment is on board Sv ALIZE II?
      Sv ALIZE II exceeds International Safety Standards. Your Captain will give you a full safety briefing before you cast off. Below is just a small sample of the safety equipment aboard Sv ALIZE II.

      12 man life raft;
      (AIS) Auto Identification System (B Class) with SART;
      2 x engine bay automatic fire extinguisher systems;
      10 x smoke alarms/detectors;
      7 x fire extinguishers, 1 in each cabin;
      14 x open sea (orange) life jackets with light;
      2 x horse shoe buoys with lights,
      VHF Radio;
      2 x hand held VHF;
      Handheld smoke/Flares;
      G scales Marine first aid kit;
      LPG & Carbon Gas Alarms;

  • What if I have to cancel my holiday on Sv ALIZE II?

    Please read our terms and conditions.

  • Is Tonga literally closed on Sundays?

    Yes Tonga is literally closed on Sundays… Nothing is open, no flights in or out, Tongans are not allowed to work (unless it is a resort). We can not start or finish any charter on a Sunday.

  • What CULTURAL TIPS for visiting Tonga?
    • The great explorer Captain James Cook called Tonga ‘The Friendly Islands’, while the Tongan people are the friendliest in the world please remember a few cultural guides.
    • While you are in a town or village, wear modest clothing that covers the shoulders and knees and not showing off cleavage.
    • Wearing all black means, you are in mourning and it is considered disrespectful by the Tongans to wear this color if you are not grieving.
    • Dress in a conservative bathing suit if swimming on public beaches and never go topless.
    • Men also should not take their shirts off in a public place. Tongan law prohibits any person from appearing in a public place without a shirt.
    • You can wear whatever you wish aboard ALIZÉ or if staying in a resort.