Falekakala Scholarship fund

~ Benefiting the Tongan community through the advancement of education ~

The Falekakala Scholarship fund is an Australian based, non-government, not for profit charity (fund), aimed at providing financial support and educational opportunities to disadvantaged children within the Kingdom of Tonga. Unlike government-funded programs currently in place, we have a ‘grass roots’ approach, identifying the needs of the Tongan students on the ground – at the village level. The fund pays for tuition fees and provides financial support for necessities like textbooks, stationary and uniforms. This year, we are taking into consideration the option of the TAFE sector of education in Tonga.

Founded in December 2011 by Semisi Falekakala and with the support of two trustees; Mark Goode and Peter Fogarty, the Falekakala Scholarship Fund is able to quickly and efficiently support educational needs with transparency and guaranteed educational outcomes.

On an annual basis, the elders within a selected village in Tonga nominate five children (normally high school students) within their village who are most financially disadvantaged. These students are interviewed and approved by the trustees of the fund. Tuition fees for approved students are paid directly to the education provider in Tonga.

Founder Semisi Moleni Falekakala identifies with the significance of reform to education in remote villages, much like the small village of ‘Utulei and Matamaka where he was born and raised. He experienced a similar plight to that by disadvantaged youth in relation to the lack of their adequate access to education due to financial privation.

Semisi acknowledges that he has been blessed with a better educational opportunity here in Australia. Although he has been able to accomplish his dreams in his chosen profession, he has never lost sight of the problems that youth encounter in his homeland. Now, he and his associates Mark Goode, Michael Martin and Joshua Taumoefolau wish to support young children to pursue their dreams through education.

Your sponsorship will help immensely by enriching the lives of these children in remote villages with knowledge, providing them with courage and conviction to fearlessly pursue their academic endeavours. Therefore, we urge you all to join our campaign, donate to the Falekakala Scholarship Fund and give as little as $20 per month to ensure one child completes another year of school and has the opportunity of a lifetime.

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